Renee, an American in her forties, whose video of failed buttock implants made the buzz in November, testifies on TV about the disaster of her cosmetic operation. His goal ? Alert women to the dangers of these convenience surgeries which can unnecessarily cost their lives …

When her video made the buzz on the net, Renee chose to remain silent. Four months later, it is in the program presented by Trisha Goddard that she chooses to speak.

On this occasion, the forties explained how she had noticed that her implants were badly placed: “ I was showing a friend how I could grab the implants and I freaked out and panicked. I started to get really sick. I couldn’t breathe, ”she confides to the American journalist.

For her part, Trisha Goddard explains that “ this video has been viewed millions of times, and Renee, the woman who posted it, has become a Youtube phenomenon. She said her search for the perfect butt nearly cost her her life ”.

Rid of her defective implants, Renee who did not want to reveal her real name to viewers now feels free to explain to women how unnecessary and dangerous these operations are: “ Feel good about yourself. Please don’t go and do these things to yourself. If more people told their story, there would be fewer women who would go and do that ”.